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This is the official Facebook group for Hellolingo, SharedLingo and for the former SharedTalk.

And then, there are the unofficial Hellolingo group, SharedLingo group, SharedTalk group, and even one LiveMocha group.

Language Communities

Made by Hellolingo Members

Here is a community made by Cédric, from France: Language.Exchange

Olex pointed out at this fresh community made by Alexander: LingoStack

Others Communities

Thanks to Michael Taylor for this list:  Speaky  ♥  Conversation Exchange   ♥  The Mixxer   ♥  Easy Language Exchange  ♥  Papora  ♥  LingoGlobe  ♥  Language Share  ♥  TongueOut  ♥  Paljit

Thanks to Parth Patel for this list: Tandem  ♥   Italki   ♥  Babbel  ♥  HelloTalk  ♥  Speaking24

... And the rest of our collection: BabChat  ♥  Feek  ♥  FluentFuture  ♥  MundoLingo  ♥  Free4Talk  ♥  HelloPal  ♥  HiNative  ♥  Lang-8  ♥  Lexody  ♥  PolyglotClub  ♥  Scrabbin  ♥  Langoland  ♥  Lingua2  ♥  LanguageForExchange  ♥  Penpaland  ♥  EasyLanguageExchange  ♥  Language.Exchange  ♥  MyLanguageExchange  ♥  Lingoo  ♥  Bilingua  ♥  Jaseer  ♥  Talkeer  ♥  TandemPartners  ♥  AirTripp  ♥  Vivalanga  ♥  LingQ  ♥  TandemExchange  ♥  GameLingu  ♥  Coeffee  ♥  CoffeeStrap  ♥  Fixoodle  ♥  InternetPolyglot  ♥  LanguageExchange.eu  ♥  LingoZone  ♥  Linguar  ♥  Nyelvcsere  ♥  Phrasebase  ♥  Language.Exchange

Chat Groups

Groups created and maintained by Hellolingo members:

Other resources

Go check Circé's French learning blog: Just French It

Oliver has his own language learning resource: Learn with Oliver

Ray proposes many free language learning tools at : LanguageTools.io

Lost & Found

To: Samuel L. from Brazil

Samuel, Alex from Denmark would like to get in touch with you. Please contact him at  alexalexandersson@mail.com!

To: Carlos Diaz from Mexico

Carlos, V. Hamery is looking for you. His email address is worldwide.exchanges@orange.fr.

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Quick Q&A

Why closing Hellolingo?

"It's no longer sustainable to me, and I didn't have the chance to grow Hellolingo as much as I wanted to (some of you know why). Beyond the cost of running the hosting services, the time it takes to maintain Hellolingo prevents me from focusing on my daughter, my career and my dwindling social life. Closing Hellolingo is not an easy decision, but hopefully, it is one for the best."

~ Bernard (bernard@hellolingo.com) ~

Why not making money instead of closing Hellolingo?

It's not all about money but, since you asked, here is my take on it: There is very little money in language learning. Moreover, who will pay for a chat service because when all major similar services are free. That's a bit of a shortsighted feeling shared by everyone who doesn't understand that the main offering of Hellolingo isn't a chat software, it's a managed community. The later is the costlier bit, by far.

What about ads? donations? premium?

Running Ads? Not enough traffic and too many ad-blockers (ads are so annoying anyway). Premium? Among others, Sharedlingo (merged with Hellolingo in 2017) tried it and derived a glorious $150 in revenue out of 25,000 members over 18 months. Donations? We once tried it for a very good cause. Thousands saw our call to action, and we raised exactly $0... With a Language Exchange community, you'd better be in for the passion, not the money.

Why isn't Hellolingo for sale?

Beyond the overhead of transferring ownership, there are legal reasons, privacy concerns and the fear that Hellolingo would fall in the wrong hands. Passion and integrity aren't easy to find. 

Out of curiosity, why would you want to buy it, and how much it would be worth to you? For the sake of transparency, SharedTalk was sold for $65,000 in 2007 and Sharedlingo for $3,500 in 2017. Hellolingo cost over $100,000 in its 3 years of existence.

Would you just delegate management?

Several members have asked... and there are obstacles to that: Moderation tools are for internal use only, within a secure perimeter. They need to be fully redesigned for external usage; Training and continuous management of each individual moderator is needed. Privacy regulations (Thanks GDPR!) complicates everything for moderators who aren't employees. And then, moderators have to be moderated to prevent invasion of privacy, abuse of power, discrimination, etc...

Will Hellolingo re-open?

As much as we hope to reopen Hellolingo or create a successor, there is no plan to do so. 

If you're excited at the idea of creating language learning communities, please contact us. We're always happy to stay in touch with entrepreneurial folks of all kinds.

Feel free to sign up with the form on this page. We will let you know if we are back in the game.

A Word From The Community...

 Thank you for all those years for this website, which has helped me through my language learning. Good luck for the future! 

~ Leon, Australia ~

Esse site me fez muito feliz e me ajudou muito no aprendizado do Inglês... nunca o esquecerei Para sempre Hellolingo
~ Andre Felipe, Brazil ~

 Sevgili Hellolingo, Sana Türkçe yazıyorum çünkü daha İngilizcemi geliştirmeden emekli oluyorsun! Fazla zaman geçirmedim ama harika zamanlar geçirdim. Herşey için teşekkürler. Gitmene gerçekten üzüldüm...

~  Gülsüm, Turkey ~

 هلولینگوی عزیزم! متأسفم که مجبوری بری. ممنونم که تو مسیر قشنگ یادگیری زبان همراهم بودی. به لطف تو دوستای خیلی خوبی هم پیدا کردم. بهترین ها رو برای تیمت میخوام!

~ Arna, Iran ~

 Son una página web genial , una gran herramienta para aprender idiomas , gracias por ayudarme a conseguir compañeros de aprendizaje. Thanks!

~ Claudio, Chile ~

I have made some good friends here and I have recommended it to lots of people. It is very sad that it is closing.... All the best to whoever has offered this fantastic services for so long

~ Yolanda, United Kingdom ~

 An era will end as Hellolingo is closing too. I lost the count of online and real life friends who I found using your site. Thank you for the good work! Have a nice life!

~ Adam, Hungary ~

I've learnt many languages and known lots of good people here. All that I can say is Thank you a MILLION for all those beautiful years!

~ Mohamed ~

 Estoy agradecido por este sitio ya que antiguamente utilizaba sharedtalk y realmente conocí gente muy interesante. Pude practicar varios idiomas y conocer culturas diferentes. Espero que algún día vuelva.  

~ Jose Carlos, Peru ~

Dear Hellolingo, I really enjoyed using it in the past and a lot of people won't get this great opportunity to improve their language skills. I will miss the chats and the people. Thank you anyways for the chance to chat with them in the first place.

~ Irene, Germany ~

I got few friends with Hellolingo, but very good friends ! ... I'm sad cos Hellolingo has a very nice interfase and is very useful for us, the learners... Thank you Bernard for your effort ! See you people ! 

~ Ricardo,  Argentina ~

Salam! I greatly appreciate Hellolingo to provide the opportunity to meet nice people around the world and hopefully It will be back soon. ممنونم هلولینگو و همه دوستان عزیزم 

~ Fa, Iran ~

Aqui neste site, em 2017, eu conheci uma das pessoas mais especiais da minha vida. É emocionante voltar aqui, relembrar ou reviver. I am really, really grateful to hellolingo. I will never forget those days.

~ Amorina, Brazil ~

I love this website. My language journey took a shift for the best once i found this website. I am so glad to to have discovered it before it comes to an end. Xoxo. 

~ Cesar, United States ~ 

Terima kasih untuk pengalaman belajar yang sangat baik dan menyenangkan. banyak orang yang terbantu dari hasil karya anda. anda adalah orang baik, terima kasih banyak

~ Deny, Indonesia ~

 Hi! I´m writing this just to say thanks because, thanks to this website, I met a special person. This person now is a key piece of my life. I can’t imagine a world without her. It´s sad to know this website where I talked with her for the first time will close. Thanks for everything :D

~  Hector Vargas, Mexico ~

I'm sad to see this website will shut down indefinitely. Thank you for all those years for this website, which has helped me through my language learning. This is indeed a good platform for language exchange. Thanks for the beautiful memories HelloLingo.

~ Alvin, United Kingdom ~

Muchas gracias HL y ST por la oportunidad de aprender más idiomas. Estoy muy agradecida porque pude perfeccionar mi italiano a nivel avanzado. Conocí a dos grandes personas que me ayudaron con el inglés e italiano y me brindaron su amistad. Me llevo buenos recuerdos de ellos. Merci beaucoup Bernard Vanderydt.

~ Angelike, Perú ~

I have started my journey with SharedTalk and I met with one special person there. It has been more than 6 years now, both of us are sure that we found our soulmate and the love of our life. So we are infinitely thankful to you, without these sites we would never know each other. I hope you will come back in the near future. Wish you the best!

~ Wanda, Hungary ~

This website has been outstanding as a tool to practise languages. Personally I have only met nice people on this site and thoroughly enjoyed not only improving language skills but forming friendships and learning so much about other cultures. I would like to thank from my heart those people who contributed to making this website so great.

~ Mary, Australia ~

I enjoyed using Hellolingo to make friends around the world. I helped others practice English and at the same time I learned a lot about different cultures. I met many of my closest online friends through this site and plan to keep in touch with them even after the site shuts down. Thanks for providing such a great service!

~ David, United States ~

Tout d'abord "merci". Merci de nous avoir offert cette plateforme et donné l'opportunité d'échanger nos connaissances linguistiques avec des personnes du monde entier. Ce fût une expérience enrichissante, et inoubliable. J'ai rencontré de très belles personnes et ces souvenirs resteront à graver dans ma mémoire. Bonne continuation à vous tous, en espérant que tout ceci n'est que temporaire.

~ Debby, France ~

This site has helped me to make progress in learning English. I have made friends with many people all around the world when I use this site and some of them have become important parts in my life. No words can express my thankful for you guys - who set up this site. I still believe that this site will active again.

~ Kim Anh, Vietnam ~

Hello Bernard and the Hellolingo team, first of all I am happy that your family life is balanced again Bernard. Thank you for telling us at the beginning of the year. Then I want to say huge thank you for the immense work behind the scene of hellolingo and before with sharedtalk. Best wishes for the future and kindest regards.

~ Gina, Germany ~

This is the only app where I could make Japanese speaking friends. Speaky and Hellotalk are for fancy people who are always traveling, are amazingly social and narcissistic. Hellolingo, though. This was pure language learning. No profile pictures because it's not a dating site, easy way to make calls without video and a good community. Why do good things have to end? :( 

~ Jorge, Colombia ~ 

 Thank you, Hellolingo, for everything.

I think "thank you" sums up all the good moments and good things that happened to me in this site. Also, thank you, Bernard for this great site and for keeping it online for such a long time. Wish you all the best, and good luck with all your projects in the future. 

~ Caroline, Brazil ~

Я бы хотел выразить большую благодарность всем участникам сообщества, а особенную - создателю. Жаль, что всё кончается вот так. Я думаю некоторые из участников могли бы помочь в поддержке Hellolingo. Сам я, увы, пока только учусь, и от меня толку в поддержке сайта будет мало. Всем спасибо!

~ Vladimir, Russia ~

THANKS for creating such an AMAZING website, group people together and create the opportunity of learning any languages in the world. It's really a perfect instant chatting website at the same time, a free platform for any potential language learners. Highly appreciate for all those years for this website. In the end, I wanna say a Chinese phrase to you: 祝好, which means good luck in the future.

~ Andy, China ~

Thank you thank you. Livemocha had a profound impact on my life (languages, friends, cultures), and went to hell in a hand basket after it was taken over by Rosetta Stone. It was a hard -- perhaps impossible -- act to follow. Hellolingo has been sweet, and did encourage me to return to my first "second language." That relationship may one day be another friendship forged through language exchange. Thanks for supporting the global community.

~ Meg, United States ~

I have been enjoyed this site for over 2 years. I have had great friends through this site and appreciate everyone who supported the site. I hope one day we can have the site once again and get together. Thank you for every contribution to this site and a long term friendship with us. Great Job through all the years! また会う日まで!(Mata au hi made! ) 

~ Chiho, Japan ~

 I have been using Hellolingo for about two years and I am grateful for the friendships I made as well as the Hellolingo team that gave all the support to continue practicing languages. This platform helped me to follow my dreams and get to know stories from all over the world, as well as learn about cultures and the many beliefs that move people. Thank you Hellolingo and the friends I made for the wonderful times you provided me.

~ Léfferson , Brazil ~

Estou grato por todo esse tempo em que o site se manteve online. Me ajudou bastante no meu aprendizado com o inglês e italiano. Não vou esquecer das madrugadas filosóficas que aconteceram aqui com as pessoas que tenho orgulho de tê-las conhecido na sala de bate papo particular/pública. Espero que um dia, quem sabe, o site possa ajudar outras pessoas num futuro próximo assim como ajudou-me. Obrigado, Hellolingo! Cya!

~  Álefe, Brazil ~

Thank you for this page! :) thanks to her I found a fantastic person who I regularly practise French with and who I also visited in her country.. I also recommended this page to my friends who have been interested in languages.I just missed some exercises which used to be on Livemocha where I could also practise language...writing exercise corrected by native speakers or the possibility to study a new language with nice pictures and pronunciation. Thank you.

~ Zuzana, Slovakia ~

Para mi Hellolingo supuso una gran ayuda, compañía y guía en mi camino con las lenguas extranjeras. Me sirvió mucho para practicar y aprender nuevos conocimientos de las lenguas. Estoy seguro que para mí, como para otras muchas personas, será un pérdida en el camino del conocimiento y siempre les estaré eternamente agradecido por todos los conocimientos que me ayudaron a adquirir. Se extrañará mucho a un sitio tan bueno y pedagógico como Hellolingo.

~ Carlos, Spain ~

I was an infrequent visitor of HelloLingo. I wasn't really pursuing language learning, but I surely hope I helped enough people with English to counterbalance that. For me, HelloLingo meant an ever-changing cast of colourful personas, good-natured banter, and an eagerness to discuss and share. I am truly sad to see the site (whose minimalist design I greatly appreciated) go away, but there already are newfound communities emerging from its ashes. So long, and thanks for all the fish.

~ Sándor, Hungary ~


~ Yang, China ~

I'm very grateful to have found a website like Hellolingo when I did three years ago. It helped me improve my languages as well as it helped me make new and wonderful friends. I honestly feel like there wasn't any other community as the one here on Hellolingo, filled with so many nice and wonderful people. Talking to new people, practicing languages in such a clean environment definitely helped me get through many difficult moments. I will forever be thankful to Hellolingo and the developers for that. So thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart. I'd love to see you guys return one day. 

~ Katherin, Venezuela ~

Спасибо огромное создателям этого ресурса, и тем, кто поддерживал проект. Все это время это место было тем уютным уголком, в который приятно вернуться как после тяжелого рабочего дня, так и с тяжелым грузом на серде. И помощь и поддержка всегда находились. Спасибо также и людям, участникам, с которыми свела меня судьба благодаря этому сайту, и с которыми я надеюсь продолжить общение в дальнейшем! Ну и конечно, за прогресс в изучении языка! 

~ Konstantin, Estonia ~

Primero que todo, fue un gusto enorme para mi ser parte de Sharedtalk, luego Sharedlingo y por último Hellolingo. Por medio de ellos pude desarrollar altamente mis habilidades en lengua extranjera. No solo pude conseguir un beneficio de conocimiento, también pude conocer grandes personas y nuevos amigos. Sea la situación que haya llevado al cierre de Hellolingo, sólo me queda decir "infinitas gracias" a su creador y colaboradores por tan maravilloso proyecto que, estoy seguro, contribuyó a cientos de usuarios a mejorar y cumplir su sueño de aprender y practicar una lengua extranjera. De nuevo MIL Y MIL GRACIAS. Espero volver a tener noticias de una página como esta, que está culminando un maravilloso ciclo.

~ Briallan, Colombia ~

This website has helped me a lot. I was lonely in my life, but I met amazing and great friend here. Moreover, I have enhanced my spoken skills by talking with native people. Apart from that, I met many people around the globe from different countries and more interestingly met people from Pakistan and China, which I could never done in my life, but because of you I changed my perspective regarding them. So, thank you so much for this great platform. All Hellolingo users will always be with you. All the best for future.

~ Parth, India ~

Well, first of all, thank you! Hellolingo wasn't just an useful website for practicing my english, but also a place where I made good friends around the globe! From Taiwan to Venezuela, some of them even since three years ago already, and I'm sure that I'm not the only one who can tell this kind of stories, HL has such a great community! In my case, through the years I had nothing else but good experiences, learning and moments shared with polite and good people, so, you can tell you have/had a great site there, full of potential that is already part of many lives. For whatever that is awaiting in the future for you, the community, and the page... Cheers! Hugs.

~ Angel, Venezuela ~

Hello, This is the first and probably only language exchange website that I will use. I just want to say thank you for making such an amazing tool to help others reach their language learning goals. Everybody I know is always puzzled at how I have reached a level of proficiency in Spanish through "only taking Spanish courses in school". This site has helped me to become comfortable with my speaking and writing and I have learned from it the value of using a language in addition to learning one. I wish you all a good one and luck in your endeavors. Thank you!

~ Justin, United States ~

Hellolingo offered me possibility to meet nice people interested in learn foreign languages, in conversation about their culture, their places, their interests. I enjoyed with them, we corected grammar things each other, we learned good things each other. It was an opportunity for me to develop quickly my English skills. I had basic information before, but talking in English with people almost daily helped me to get fluency in using this leanguge. Thanks again to Bernard for created this opportunity. Good luck in the future! ~ Lory P., Romania ~

Я живу в России и изучаю английский по программе в школе, в этом году я сдаю экзамен по этому языку. Поэтому я и заинтересовалась этим сайтом. Здесь я общалась со многими людьми, иногда общение быстро прекращалось, но с одним человеком я продолжаю общаться до сих пор. Мы уже не используем hellolingo, если честно, но именно здесь мы встретились, мы переписывались много,на разные темы и продолжаем делать это. Мы живем в разных концах Земли,и может не втсретимся никогда, но я все равно благодарна hellolingo за то, что он привнес в мою жизнь!

~ Arina, Russia ~

In hellolingo I met wonderful people, and I knew great moments in my life. I fell in love here and I made different friends here. I'm very thankful to Hellolingo for who I am, for the think I have now for this lovely and beauty experience. I believe in the long-distance relationships, I believe in log-distance friends, I believe in the chats in the midnight with "strangers" I believe in the touch, friendly and love with the distance in the other side. I believe in I can help, meet and love people in other part of world I believe in Hellolingo Thanks, thanks, thanks , thanks for everything!

~ Faby, Venezuela ~

This is going to be a big loss to some people. I initially started using online 'self-help' language sites round about 2004 when I started learning Portuguese. I became reasonably proficient reasonably quickly, and learnt enough to be able to travel in Portugal or Brazil, for holidays. I met so many amazing people during my trips there that I remained as a member of LiveMocha, SharedTalk, SharedLingo and now HelloLingo, as a helper for those people who want to improve their English, without making any efforts to further improve my Portuguese. Consequently, I will miss Hellolingo less than those who want to learn, but, I will miss the aspect of meeting new, interesting people from around the world. I know that a lot of them are disappointed by your decision. Are you willing to share the reasons with us? Maybe, collectively, we can do something to help you. I don't know if I'll be online for your last 3 hours, so I'll take the opportunity now to thank you for what you've already done and I wish you success with whatever you do in the future. Cheers!

~ Baz,  United Kingdom ~

I'm Savannah, I'm from China. I want to start this with Thank you! Thank you for your contributions. Built up this website for people to exchange language. Made people from all over the world see the awesomeness of other people, and the power that we can make together. There were definitely some changes have been made in every single one who have ever joined in Hellolingo. I knew this website only last month.Nevertheless, i met so much awesome people within less a month, and i did have some progression in my English learning. Also i was able to make friends from all over the world, to know their cultures and their lives. I'm so sorry that i missed Hellolingo's three years, but also extremely greatful that i can joined in this community in the last minute. If there were any community like this, i would be the first one to join. Once again, THANK YOU my friend! No matter who you are, you definitely made the world a better place! Salute! Sincerely, Savannah

~ Savannah, China ~

Un grand merci de nous avoir permis de lier de belles amitiés tout autour du monde sur tous les continents du Nord au Sud et d'Est en Ouest, dans plusieurs langues au cours de ces dernières années. Hellolingo va me manquer car j'avais pris plaisir à m'évader virtuellement dans d'autres contrées grâce à ce site qui fonctionnait H24 et qui permettait ainsi de retrouver régulièrement des correspondants de tous âges, cultivés et souvent très dévoués. Grâce à eux, j'ai pu recaler mes connaissances en histoire, en géographie, en langues naturellement et en bien d'autres domaines. J'espère aussi leur avoir transmis en retour un peu de ma culture et de mes connaissances. Le concept est absolument fantastique et mérite franchement de perdurer surtout en ces périodes difficiles que nous traversons dans bons nombres de pays. Encore merci pour tout et espérons que ce n'est qu'un Au revoir ! Bon vent, bonne mer à tous !

~ Pascale, France ~

This language solution deserves to get some feedback. Like many others, I am really sad to know that Hellolingo will retire that fast. I really consider Hellolingo to be an intuitive tool for language and culture exchange and as such to be a great successor to earlier references in this sector like Livemocha and SharedTalk. One of its key advantage I really liked is its practical and easy user interface which really does engage users to get in contact and easily find a language partner and possible pen-pals. The fact that we can rely on the list of connected users and group/filter them according to our interest is something I did not have experienced before Hellolingo and I find it very powerful. Hellolingo could be definitely more than simply getting in contact with a community of language learners and propose learning features involving the natives like Livemocha did and I would have loved to bring my contribution to its development. Thank you so much for having proposed to us Hellolingo and I hope the adventure will continue! Best regards”

~ Thomas, France ~

I owe a lot to this website, quite funny to write this because I never thought a chatroom could lead to such a difference into someone's life. I discovered this website by accident while surfing on the internet, on an already locked thread on a forum. Well, let's give a shot. What differed Hellolingo from every other language exchanging website is how friendly and warming the community was, the public chatroom was polite and comprehensive towards beginners in English (At that time I had just begun studying English after a "small break of two years). And besides chatting a lot with them, which built not only writing and reading skills but also confidence to talk I made friends! Real friends! Another thing I couldn't even suspect it could be done in a virtual world. Some of them (Special mentions go to Nat, Anne and Ayse) I keep talking till today. Beyond giving me a huge leap on English, social skills and a bunch of wholesome friends I also learned a lot of cultures, sometimes we just get stuck in our cultural bubble, not being aware of how diverse the world can be. Sigh, I could go on this the whole day but I am already getting too sentimental, :), hope that the staff (A.K.A Bernard) can read this message and know hoooooooooooow much I am grateful to stumble upon this marvelous gem, whose existence will be forever stuck on the hearts of those who had the honor to contribute to its existence. Hugs Hugs and a Kiss on the Forehead.

     ~ Marcos, Brazil ~    

     From SharedTalk to Hellolingo, from high school to working days, Bernard's community have brought me precious memories and relationships with many friends from other side of this world. A few friends whom I have lose contact with and have become part of my memory: Florence(Kim) from Korean, Shanice from American,  Ann from Kazakhstan... I wish the best for you guys and the memory we created together. In the communities, I gained courage to voice chat with real foreign friends; I got to learn different perspectives, views and ideas from other people with different cultures; I even developed interest in other language through being friends with its local speakers. With these, it's always been a wonderful journey. I totally understand the closing of Hellolingo as well, after all, everyone of us need to move forward to a new and better stage of life when it comes to a point with family and ambitions, etc. Let's pray for better lives for all of us and possible reunion in the future! Bye Bernard, Hellolingo and All yall, and maybe we can meet in other platforms as well. Great love and gratitude!

~ Michael, China ~